Become a franchisee

Becoming a WindowPayne franchisee allows you to work independently and be your own boss — but without many of the hurdles faced by going it alone.

Why become a franchisee?

Running a franchise is the same as running any business but with the added benefit of starting with the industry secrets, brand and set-up for success.

Becoming a franchisee enables you to get the most out of your time and be in a position to operate at a profit much quicker than a traditional start-up, which can take easily three to five years.

Our objective is to get you established in your exclusive territory as soon as possible. Our training and support will enable you to get your business up and running quickly and effectively.

In addition, you receive full back office support, meaning that you are not spending your evenings and weekends on admin tasks. Whenever you are working, you are earning.

Why join WindowPayne?

By joining WindowPayne Local you become part of an established brand with a great reputation. WindowPayne Local's mission is to become the household name in domestic window and gutter cleaning.

Over the last nine years, WindowPayne has been built from one man with an unstable ladder to a successful business with six full-time vans and twelve operatives. During that time, we’ve been improving and reworking systems
so that they are as efficient as possible and ensuring our consistency so that we can provide the best service to our customers.

After a long time of planning a move to franchising I have cracked the code. We are ready to step up and change the industry forever. After years of trial and error, we are now giving the chance to new WindowPayne Local business owners to start with all that experience already behind them.

There is no established national household name for domestic window and gutter cleaning in the UK. Now WindowPayne is ready to step up and change the industry forever — and we’re hoping you will join us.

Why now?

It is a golden rule in business to be part of a growing sector. Window cleaning services in the UK are a fast growing market, set to be worth £920.7m a year by the end of 2023.

Independent research predicts that  window cleaning services are set to grow quickly and continuously. The underlying factors behind this include dual income households with stress and time pressures, and an ageing population who need extra help in and around their home.

In short, there’s never been a better time to get involved in the window cleaning market.

What next?

For full information on this fantastic opportunity, please contact us via the form below. We will send a prospectus with full information.

It sets out what’s involved in becoming a franchisee, what we’re looking for in a partnership, and more detail about our offering and company history.


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Request a Prospectus
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