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Gutter Cleaning: Roof Moss Removal

Services in Avon, Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Berkshire

Neglect your gutters at your peril! Clogged up gutters on any building can lead to a host of problems – its not just a matter of aesthetics but more about making sure your home or commercial property is protected with a roofline that is working properly.

Gutter cleaning is a chore, but its one that we at WindowPayne gladly take on. For us it’s easy to keep gutters clean and clear across the South, because we have a keen team of trained technicians and the very latest high reach equipment which allows for safe, efficient gutter cleaning without having to leave the ground.

We’ll even go the extra mile and repair guttering where this is possible, and we’re dab hands at removing damaging moss and lichen growth from roof tiles, which can be washed down into the guttering.

Most of our customers choose to combine a gutter clean with a full wash-down of the roofline components – soffits, fascias, barge boards, drain pipes and any cladding on the building. This leaves your house or commercial property looking fresh and clean with plenty of kerb appeal.

Why Seasonal Gutter Cleaning is Important

Essential Building Maintenance

We recommend that you have your gutters cleaned out professionally at least twice a year – once in spring and again towards the end of autumn. This seasonal gutter clean will ensure that the winter detritus is removed to clear the way for the spring shower run-off, and the clogs of autumn leaves are cleaned out before winter sets in.

Gutters are there to collect rainwater that runs off of the roof, and divert it via downpipes to drains so it is kept well away from a building’s walls and foundations.

When gutters are blocked with dirt and debris they will more than likely overflow when it rains, not only leading to water backing up on the roof and causing deterioration of roofing material, but also seeping into the building’s walls and penetrating down to the foundations, eventually causing structural damage and mould growth.

In addition, if stagnant water lays in clogged gutters it becomes a breeding ground for unwanted pests.

Prompt, Professional & Reliable Gutter Cleaning

We clear out gutters and washing roofline components for residential and commercial customers in a fair proportion of Southern England, including Avon, Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Berkshire.

Although our core business is window cleaning, we’ve reacted to local demand for gutter cleaning and other exterior cleaning services, including gentle yet effective moss, algae and lichen removal from roofs and outside walls.

We have a host of satisfied clients who rely on us to stay on top of their gutter cleaning with regular contract cleans, or we are available for one-off gutter and roof cleans as required.

We’re not just committed to providing the best clean you’ve ever seen, but we’re also professional operators who pride ourselves in being prompt, punctual and reliable. We run a fleet of well-equipped vans, staffed with fully trained cleaning technicians, who are available by appointment at your convenience.